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  • Something Positive - who knew boneless cats could be so much fun?
  • Goats - Satanic chickens, womanizing goats, and swinging aliens.
  • Real Life Comics - m4d l33t.
  • The Parking Lot Is Full (deceased) - So long, PLIF. You'll be missed.
  • Red Meat - Weird.
  • Queen of Wands - Another strip with a female lead who takes Zero Bullshit from anyone. Particularly, from computer gut salespeople who think she is an idiot because she does not have a penis.
  • User Friendly - Loads of geeky fun.
  • The Repository of Dangerous Things - Forks Plastic. Bad shit, man.
  • Strings of Fate - Jesus, I can't believe I forgot to list this one. Go. Now.
  • Kagerou - One of my friends has described this comic as a Lisa Frank binder that turned evil and tried to eat itself. Or, more likely, started birthing live demons from its face. Plot makes frigging Xenogears look sane. Also gave rise to the realization that Shoujo Kakumei Utena would have been much livelier if Anthy had ever gotten the Sword of Dios tangled up in her brain.
  • Fidel - A dog and his people. Very, very cute.


  • Stripcreator - Make your own comics even if you can't draw for little green apples.
  • Asianmunchies.com - My main source for Pocky. Friendliest service in the whole world.
  • Gator's Gourmet - Hot shit. Very hot shit. Very good hot shit. Sauces with names like "Death By Stupidity" and "Ass In Antarctica." Pickled garlic. And some not-hot stuff like cinnamon apple butter and such. Tell 'em where you came from. (Note: the Fruit Butters page claims that Strawberry is coming soon. It's already out. Ask for it.)
  • Technology Bytes - Geek Radio! Wonderful show.

Huh? You want to link to the comic? Well, sure. I would prefer that you save these buttons and banners and shit and stick them on your own Web server, as opposed to just direct-linking them. If you don't have your own Web server, I understand.